My wife said yes to my proposal… And panic ensued shortly after. We were going to have a wedding and that meant guest lists, venues, DJs, food… Basically everything you would normally associate with a wedding. But because my wife and I are who we are, there wasn't going to be anything normal about it. We were getting married, and we'd remember it forever no matter what happened, but with the help of some amazing friends and family, we also wanted to put on a show that would have all of our guests talking for years to come.

We took to telling our story, but not in a traditional way. We wanted our guests to remember their experience, but for more than just the food and the speeches. We wanted to make sure that our wedding represented who we are.

This is the story of Andrew & Mylene's Wedding.

Our eHarmony Commercial

My wife and I met on eHarmony. She’s an elementary school teacher driven to inspire the next generation of great thinkers. I’m an art director who sees the world in pixels.

To honour how we first met, we felt the most appropriate thing to do would be to honour eHarmony. Together with some friends we wrote, directed, shot and edited a 60-second commercial using as many eHarmony theatrical elements as possible. From the music to the way it's shot, we wanted to stay true to the form. The end result was a short piece we projected during the reception for all of our guests to experience.

Branding & Handcrafted Invitations

Upon our announcement, we needed a way to get people into the mindset of what they were about to experience. After hours of looking at great examples of wedding invitations, we scrapped the idea of a standard envelope and card. If this was a Hollywood premiere, then the most appropriate thing to send is a pair of exclusive tickets to a show they’ll never forget.

We handcrafted all of our wedding invitations to look and feel like show tickets. And being the detail oriented designer that I am, I decided this production could not exist without proper branding. I created a 3D render of a logo I designed that would play on continuous loop throughout the wedding reception.

We went digital

Most weddings out there have an online destination. These days it's becoming the norm to make sure guests have a place to RSVP and find out location information for the big day. But our website needed to do more than just provide information. We built a bilingual website for everything that our guests would need to know about our big day. Sure we gave everyone a chance to RSVP and we provided the time and location, but we also set the mood of what the day was going to be. We created movie character bios for the wedding party, we introduced our story, we set up Pay Pal accounts for our registry, and we did it all as though our guests were being invited to the Hollywood premiere of the century.

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We took to Facebook

The invites were sent to our guests well in advance so as the event date crept up, we wanted to make sure to remind our family and friends how exciting it was going to be. We went social. We created a Facebook countdown campaign where we would post a new movie poster-inspired image for the 10 days prior to the wedding. The comments, Likes, and conversations generated from our daily posts were amazing. We were able to get people excited, and keep them excited weeks before the actual wedding.

We published a printed magazine with ads

Sure, our guests were going to have a great time dining and dancing the night away, but a few weeks down the road is anyone actually going to remember it?  We wanted to make sure our Hollywood premiere wedding celebration wasn’t just another blip in the wedding radar, so we created a takeaway that people wouldn’t throw away when they got home. Our wedding magazine was a full-on production complete with professional photo shoot and fake magazine advertisements featuring the key players from the wedding party. We shot it, wrote it, designed it, printed it and presented it to all of our guests on the big day.

about the magazine
red carpet

Red Carpet

As guests entered the venue, we set up a red carpet with full step-and-repeat wall and photographer.

triva game

Table Décor

Each table consisted of signage asking our guests to name the movie couple. This played right into some of the entertainment of the night.

Custom SIgnage

Bilingual Signage

A Filipino boy from Ontario was marrying a French-Canadian girl. We needed signage catering to both families.

Logo & Slideshow

Logo & Slideshow

No wedding is complete without photos of the bride and groom, but we did it our way complete with eHarmony commercial and 3D logo.

The Venue

Elegance Throughout

The excitement made way for an elegant evening of great food.

Custom designed Cake:

Custom Cake

We made sure our wedding cake would be one-of-a-kind so we enlisted the help of Toronto baker Melissa Dimech.

A Special Presentation to My New Wife

Amidst all of the organization, planning, production hours and the sheer anxiety leading up to the day, the romantic in me wanted to make sure my wife to be would have the time of her life. So as a secret project, I designed a gift meant only for her, for the rest of our lives. Je t'aime Mylène is 365 pages of 365 reasons why I love my wife and I presented it to her on our special day.